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The Business is an energetic and fun classic rock dance band In the San Francisco Bay Area. Our long-standing commitment to performing great music generates a lively atmosphere where we play. When we formed in 1986, our name was the Businessmen, and we dressed in suits and suspenders. After a few years of roasting in wool, the suits were dropped and the band name shortened to The Business. Our music spans those years considered to be part of the classic rock genre—mainly the late ‘50s through the ‘80s. With few changes to personnel since its beginning, The Business offers classic rock performances for diverse venues and events.

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The Business Band Members

Jim Gill – Guitar, Vocals

Jim Gill – Guitar, Vocals

Jim Gill – Guitar, Vocals



The sound and aura of rock’s British Invasion drove Jim into ardent guitar learning, music theory and vocal lessons, resulting in his forming the first of several bands starting in the late 1970s. Then, along with three close friends in 1986, Jim founded The Businessmen (later The Business)—a group of like-minded, power pop addicts whose continuing aspiration is to entertain and excite dancing throngs and music lovers. Jim fronts the group as guitarist/vocalist, and plays keyboards, drums and bass in the studio.

John Wright—Bass, Vocals

Jim Gill – Guitar, Vocals

Jim Gill – Guitar, Vocals



With his arsenal of 4,5 and 7-string basses, John has played a variety of musical styles for the past 45 years including gospel, jazz standards, progressive, fusion, classical and even Hawaiian music. However, he never ceases to be amazed at the enthusiasm generated by the music The Business performs. Said John, "Every night we see people of all ages, all generations, dancing and singing to these classic rock songs, so I guess we have no choice but to keep on rocking!"

Tom Ruetman—Keyboards, Vocals

Tom Ruetman—Keyboards, Vocals

Tom Ruetman—Keyboards, Vocals


A native of Walnut Creek, Tom took to musical instruments including keyboards (with classical training) and drums. He played drums and percussion in various high school concert bands as well as the marching band. Tracked down by his old college dorm mate Jim some 30+ years later, Tom was summoned to play keyboards and sing in The Business when the opportunity arose. During daylight hours, Tom executes high-tech sales, cloaking his rocking alter ego. 

Adam Roderick—Drums, Vocals

Tom Ruetman—Keyboards, Vocals

Tom Ruetman—Keyboards, Vocals


Adam began music as a trumpeter in 1973 in a Concord elementary school band. At age 11, he tried the drumkit and took to it. Adam enjoys playing cornet in Dixieland bands, and also plays keyboards, bass and some very bad guitar. He’s been an active drummer in the Bay Area music scene for over 20 years—playing alongside local artists in every style of music, including ragtime, hard bop, big band and electric rock/jazz fusion. Always in a progressive mind set, he’s constantly looking for ways to put his own touch on whatever kit he’s behind. Adam is the newest member of The Business and loves it.

Venues We've Played

(Partial List)


Back 40 Texas BBQ, Pleasant Hill


Black Diamond Brewery, Walnut Creek


Discovery Bay Yacht Club


Handles on Main, Pleasanton


Harvest Festival, Lafayette Orchard


Inc 82 Brewing, Dublin


Monaghan’s, Oakland


San Joaquin Yacht Club

The Ple


Vinnie’s, Concord


Wise Girl, Pleasant Hill



As well as


City of Alamo - Walkabout


City of Dixon - Grillin' &  Chillin'


Corporate Events 


Crab Feeds


Mardi Gras Events


Private Parties